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Learn About Our ISOLOVEPLAY Community Heroes Program

how you can make a difference in the lives of children in your community?

What is it?

Our ISOLOVEPLAY Community Heroes Program is the opportunity for businesses, organizations, or individuals to send a bulk order of ISOLOVEPLAY boxes to children in their community who need them most. 

These bulk orders ship in 50 box ‘Bales of Play’ to your desired non-profit, community organization, school or community program that could benefit from the gift of play!

What's included?

Each ISOLOVEPLAY box can include a personalized message from your organization (as in the example shown) that will bridge your brand to the promotion of childhood resiliency, creativity, imagination, and innovation.

ISOLOVEPLAY delivers hundreds of physical, cognitive, and social-emotional play opportunities for children ages 6-12 years old. By becoming an ISOLOVEPLAY Community Hero you will be supporting children in unplugged and unstructured play. 

Our Commitment

AMPED2PLAY’s commitment to every organization that purchases a bulk order of ISOLOVEPLAY for donation will see AMPED2PLAY provide a donation directly to the recipient organization, based on total order size.

We encourage you to work with us directly to help children reignite their imagination and return to self-directed play today!

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