Creativity. Imagination. Innovation.


Creativity. Imagination. Innovation.

Who We Are

ISOLOVEPLAY is brought to you by the Founders of AMPED2PLAY, Brandi Heather and Ozzie Sawicki.

Both founders have exceptional experience and expertise in adult and child education, diversity and inclusion, therapeutic play and high-performance sport coaching. Brandi and Ozzie utilize play principles as the foundational approach in everything they do, including ISOLOVEPLAY.


ISOLOVEPLAY (pronounced I-so-love-play) is the play box that reignites imagination for children.

Each box has over 30 play materials, a collection of Play Starters – suggestions for play instead of instructions, and has been designed specifically to be inclusive of all ages and abilities. 

Every item has been specifically chosen by certified educators, therapeutic play specialists and adapted physical activity specialists that will ignite curiosity, resilience, problem-solving, critical thinking and connection.

The science behind ISOLOVEPLAY

Why Play in a box?

Play is Essential

According to Joe Frost, a leading American scholar of play, “modifications and/or disappearance of play during the past 50 years is causing a public health crisis and a threat to societal welfare that may last generations.”

– Brown, 2018

Play is necessary for growth

Play activates the neocortex. Of the 1200 genes that we measured, about one-third significantly changed simply by having a half-hour of play.

– Neuroscientist Jaak Panksepp, Ph.D.

Play helps manage emotions

Pretend play is one of the leading factors in development and positively related to coping and emotional regulation.

– Cristiano & Russ, 1996 & Evans, 2001; Russ, 2004

Play Builds Life Skills

From a therapeutic perspective, play as intervention is valuable because play is a safe way to practice new behaviour and experiment with solutions. 

– Grotthoff, 2010

Get Into Play

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Let's Answer Your Questions

Each box has over 30 play materials, a collection of Play Starters – suggestions for play instead of instructions, and has been designed specifically to be inclusive of all ages and abilities.

ISOLOVEPLAY reminds children of all ages that play is the foundation of movement physically, cognitively and socially. The box requires curiosity, imagination, new ways of seeing and doing an activity. It moves participants to ask themselves, “Can I do something new and challenging? What makes me feel confident and competent? How can I lead others by showing how I use ISOLOVEPLAY to keep my body and mind in play?

The contents can and will be used in multiple ways over and over again. Often you will see one project turn into many more as contents are chosen for their unique ability to create multiple play scenarios. 

We recommend ISOLOVEPLAY for children ages 6-12. 

There are no instructions, instead we include a collection of Play Starters that included scenarios for 

  • Storytelling and Symbolic
  • Movement and Manipulation
  • Science and Speed
  • Games and Giggles

All Play Starters were created by our Adapted Physical Education Specialist with over 20 years of experience in creating inclusive and diverse play opportunities.

Yes group and bulk purchases are our priority. When you purchase in bulk, you become a Community Hero! Please contact info@isoloveplay.com to discuss discounted rates.

Visit our Community Hero page to learn more. 


The therapeutic play  and educational objectives include:

  • Self-Regulation
  • Focus
  • Decision Making and Autonomy
  • Fine and Gross Motor Movement
  • Imagination and Invention
  • Communication

Please visit our homepage to read about these objectives in more detail.

ISOLOVEPLAY does not exclude any participant, no matter their age or disability. The boxes are all unique multi-sensory experiences. There are multiple textures, weights and sizes of objects. With that being said, some individuals may require assistance navigating the materials as well as supervision. 

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