The Play Box That
Reignites Imagination

Creativity. Imagination. Innovation.

The Play Box
That Reignites Imagination

Creativity. Imagination. Innovation.

We deliver hundreds of physical, cognitive and social-emotional play opportunities

for children ages 6-12 years old

What's Included?

Each box includes 30+ play materials & a collection of play starters with endless opportunities for play! These boxes have been developed by professionals with over 20 years of experience and expertise.

Each item is intentionally chosen to provide multiple play scenarios in numerous creative ways. 

Which Box Is Right For me?


Includes 30+ play materials and play starters. Designed by professionals in practice for children of all abilities. Recommended for children ages 6-12 years old.
$54.99 CAD with Shipping Included

Community ISOLOVEPLAY Hero

This is an opportunity for businesses, organizations, or individuals to send a bulk order of ISOLOVEPLAY boxes to children in their community who need them most.
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Therapeutic Play & Educational Benefits Include

Self Regulation

Multi-sensory, unstructured play builds our emotional and physical ability to adapt to change and challenge.


Persistence and motivation are built when we control the outcome. No instructions mean YOU are in charge of the play.


In play there is only one question, "do you want to play?" Teaching people of all ages to connect and be curious about other people is a skill first built in play.

Decision Making & Autonomy

Choice is a key element of the ISOLOVEPLAY box. YOU choose what to build, how to connect to different elements and what to do next.

Fine & Gross Motor Movement

Exploring the multi-sensory aspects of the box supplies new opportunities to move your body, from small manipulation to large whole body engagement.

Imagination & Invention

Unstructured play is the gateway to innovation, curiously and discovery. ISOLOVEPLAY reminds us that life doesn't come with instructions.

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